Jamarie Milkovic

With over 10 years of experience as a producer, director and creative,
I am well-rounded in the discipline of turning concepts into reality.

I lead teams and excel at igniting collaboration within them. My aim is to work with highly skilled creative professionals who are passionate about making an impact with their craft.

The value I create is from partnering with innovators to grow and nurture creative teams both in-house and project-based. As a staunch brand advocate, I deliver integrated assets that serve the needs of the business, on time and within budget. No matter the deadline, I strive to elevate colleagues and team members to reach their creative and professional potential.

I have diverse experience with organizations in marketing, technology, entertainment, martech, edtech, e-commerce, SaaS and as an entrepreneur.

Companies I’ve worked with include Citrix, CreativeLive, Instapage, Turner, Eurovision, various startups and television networks.

Specialties: producing, directing, storytelling, branding, video, film, photography, leadership, creative direction, digital marketing, presentation skills, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, mentoring and product evangelism.

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